Experience the world’s first modular album

Designed for Self Exploration and Psychedelic Therapy

A laptop displaying the Held by Sound app

Follows the psychedelic arc

The music is composed to support and guide you through the different phases of the psychedelic journey.

Go beyond yourself and come back home.

A screen shot of the journey overview selector


Navigate between different emotional soundscapes to compliment your inner journey.

Choose a new combination of tracks every time - no two journeys have to be the same.

iPad displaying Held By Sound App


The modular album is designed to have seamless transitions between all tracks, regardless of the chosen path.

Become fully immersed in the experience without interruption.

A person relaxing on a couch listening to music on headphones
Icons representing the different phases of the psychedelic experience.


Before Thought is designed to best support a transformational experience. It is entirely FREE to use within your practice as a clinician, at-home therapy or a solo traveller journeying from the comfort of their own home.